Ceh9 about 2010 comeback against mTw: “A landmark victory we will never forget”

Caster and former Natus Vincere CS: GO player Arseniy ceh9 Trinozhenko remembered his kerchNet team’s comeback against mTw on the Train map at Intel Extreme Masters Season IV European Championship Finals. In an interview for the Gameinside portal, he noted that the outcome of that match was an important stage in the history of the squad, which later began to play under the NAVI tag.

“This was a very important game for us. If they wake me up and ask if I remember how we came out against mTw on Train, then of course I will answer that I remember. It was an unreal, mind blowing game. Nobody has done this before us. If we compare it with something of the present, then this is the comeback of the QBF team against mousesports at ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018. Then they also switched to CT and began to comeback. So we did exactly the same thing, but again, if we were pioneers then, we could expect a comeback on Train for CT, although the version of the game is already different.

As a result, we got the opportunity to participate in the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship and won. If this victory had not happened, then we would not have participated in the IEM and everything would have been different. The story is like this. Literally a step to the left, a step to the right, and everything would be different. And no one would know about NAVI now, and perhaps there would be a completely different organization. Therefore, this is a landmark victory that we will never forget. The video speaks for itself how emotional it was. ”

Intel Extreme Masters Season IV European Championship Finals took place in January 2010. Trynozhenko’s roster finished fifth and won a slot at Intel Extreme Masters IV, where he played under the NAVI tag. The team became the champion of the tournament, defeating Fnatic in the final with a score of 2: 0.

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