Captain forZe: “I rate the performance at BLAST satisfactorily with a minus”

Andrei Jerry Mehryakov commented on the forZe defeat in the final of the BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019 CS: GO. In an interview with, he explained why the team lost on the decisive map, and appreciated the result of the team in the championship as a whole.

“I evaluate the performance as satisfactory with a minus, because on the last map I still wanted a tight fight, but it could not be imposed. Our two players are probably tired all day. It was hard to win back to someone. As a result, all the standard things that we usually work with, because of aim, incorrect decision-making and some kind of rush of each player, did not work as they could.

Of course, this is a positive [tournament] experience, because we played with top teams. We realized that we can fight them, albeit in best-of-1. In general, we can say that the tournament organizers tried: everything is clear, everything is on schedule, there is a transfer, the hotel is good. Everything is cool – we will wait for BLAST again.

I think for some DreamHack tournaments our result will be enough [to receive direct invitations]. The main thing is the good work of the manager and a competent dialogue with the organizers. If this does not happen, maybe we won’t get any invites, but there are chances. ”

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