Canadian CS: GO commentator denies rape allegations

Canadian CS: GO commentator Mohan launders Govindasami responded to a statement by an ex-girl who accused him of rape. According to him, Melanie has long been experiencing mental problems – after the breakdown of their relationship, she threatened him with suicide and rape charges.

“It was difficult for me to write this answer because I cannot comment on events that were not there. I can only add context to her claims and hopefully shed some light on why Melanie did this.

In 2017, Melanie and I had a relationship that lasted several months, but ended, as over time we became completely unhealthy. We broke up on July 11 and seemed to be friends, but a few months later, Melanie began to accuse me of not taking care of her at all. She began to threaten me with suicide – she said that she bought a weapon and intends to shoot herself, blaming me for everything. Such conversations went on and on. ”

In support of his words, the commentator posted screenshots of the correspondence with Melanie, where she threatened to kill herself and substitute her former partner. According to Govindasami, he was seriously concerned about the mental health of Melanie, so he contacted the police and asked to check the condition of the girl.

“On August 20, I called her state police to check on Melanie. I just wanted to make sure that she did not harm herself. I did not begin to warn her about this, as I was afraid of new threats. I did not have her exact address, but I called the office closest to the place where she supposedly lived. When, after a while, Melanie again began to threaten me with suicide, I realized that the police ignored my request and did not come to her.

The next time I said bluntly that she needed help, so I intend to call the police. In response, she threatened to accuse me of rape if the police arrived. It was October 3, 2017, when I first heard from her about rape. ”

Govindasami explained that he takes the issue of consent very seriously and is confident that every time they had sex, it was a voluntary and mutual desire.

“Melanie’s recent accusations against me are the same behavior she showed, threatening to kill herself and scaring me with a rape statement so that I don’t call the police. I take full responsibility for starting this relationship altogether. She was young and clearly had mental problems. She didn’t need a relationship, she needed a friend who insisted on medical help, and not just a sexual partner, which became an additional source of stress. ”


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