C0ntact Gaming put CS: GO roster on transfer

The eSports organization c0ntact Gaming will end cooperation with the current CS: GO roster. The club plans to sell roster players and assemble a new one by 2021. This was announced by journalist Jarek DeKay Lewis with reference to the team’s leadership.

c0ntact Gaming:
“In 2020, we did not achieve the results we expected when signing the roster. The organization plans to change direction in development, and some players have expressed a desire to change the roster. We will assess our capabilities during the break before the start of 2021. All our players are open to suggestions from the teams. “

The current roster of c0ntact Gaming was formed in October 2020 with the arrival of Lotan Spinx Giladi and Rigon rigoN Gashi – nine months after signing the former CR4ZY roster. The team finished 11-12 at Flashpoint Season 2 and 13-16 at DreamHack Masters Winter 2020.

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