Brazilian caster apologizes to player Chaos for cheating charges

Brazilian CS: GO commentator Alejandre gaules Borba has apologized to Nathan leaf Orff and Chaos for cheating allegations that have triggered online harassment. Caster noted that he did not want his words to lead to such consequences.

gaules:“I was successful because I behaved on broadcasts in the same way I behave at home with friends. But the larger the audience, the greater the responsibility for words and actions. I didn’t want anyone to be angry with the other person or try to hurt him.

I understand what happened and what role I played in it. I made a mistake. Blaming someone for cheating without hard evidence is bad, especially when people are emotional about the results of matches and place bets on them. In the case of leaf, I caused a lot of unpleasant events that shouldn’t have happened.

I apologize to leaf and Chaos. I made sure leaf got my message before posting this statement. I see community feedback and learn from them. Many of you will say that I did it under pressure from the audience. Believe me or not, everyone must agree that this is the right thing to do. “

Gaules suspected Chaos players of cheating after the match against MIBR at cs_summit 6. As a result, Brazilian CS: GO fans began to criticize leaf and Xeppaa online, despite the fact that many other esportsmen did not agree with the commentator’s accusations. Borba later issued a statement of apology, but journalist Richard Lewis found it insufficient.

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