Brazilian caster apologizes for cheating allegations that led to harassment of a player in CS: GO

Brazilian CS: GO commentator Alejandre gaules Borba has apologized for accusing Chaos player Nathan leaf Orff of cheating. An apology letter was tweeted by gaules in Portuguese and English. The Brazilian did not say what actions he was asking for forgiveness for, and did not give the name of the victim. publishes a fragment of the letter.

“If my position led to a negative reaction that upset someone, I apologize: you should never, under any circumstances, treat anyone the way we would not want to be treated.

We are sorry it was perceived that way. These are not our values. People do exactly the opposite of what our clan teaches us: hatred is unacceptable under any circumstances. Again, someone was upset, and we will try even harder so that this does not happen again. “

Journalist Richard Lewis, whose text preceded the gaules letter, felt that this apology was not enough. He stated that the Brazilian never apologized directly for the accusations of cheating on the official broadcast, and that Gaules did not criticize himself, but those whom he provoked to persecute.

Earlier, Gabriel FalleN Toledo accused leaf of cheating in the MIBR match against Chaos at cs_summit 6. Gaules supported Toledo and analyzed the fight on the official Portuguese broadcast. After that, leaf was harassed by Brazilian fans. Richard Lewis noted that there were too many such cases, and urged representatives of the community of this country to deal with the problem.

Lewis recalled how Brazilian fans threatened e-sportsmen from other countries and their families. For example, in 2017, the then captain of Team Liquid, Spencer Hiko Martin, wanted to withdraw from ESL Pro League Season 4 because of this. a bodyguard because he feared for his safety. Adam Friberg Friberg also spoke about threats against him. According to Lewis, ESL even asked esports players not to leave their rooms at night. Another episode involved Engin MAJ3R Fonts – Brazilian fans chanted the phrase “You will die” as he took to the stage. Lewis noted that these are not all such stories – he learned many others from personal conversations.

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