Boombl4 on expanding CS: GO rosters to six players: “This is the future”

Ingame leader of Natus Vincere Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov shared his opinion on expanding the CS: GO rosters to six or more participants. In an interview with Daniil Zeus Teslenko on YouTube, he said that this approach to the formation of the rosters is the future, but it does not significantly affect the preparation, since each substitute player usually plays on a specific map.

“For example, Vitality is how they do it – their players play on certain maps. Nivera plays Inferno and Dust, Inferno no longer plays shox and so on. In fact, you prepare for them in the same way and on the demos you see everything the same as in the five. It would be interesting if they changed: this time the five played on this map, then on another. And so they kind of made it a little more complex, simplified. This is fun because some players feel more confident than others, they can change them and fulfill a certain role. This is the future. “

Boombl4 also spoke about the NAVI training schedule. According to him, usually it is five days.

“If we take just the working week, then we train five days out of seven. Two days off if there are no tournaments. Sometimes we train for six days and one day off, in different ways, but more often we do two days off. “

Earlier, Natus Vincere announced the expansion of the CS: GO roster to six participants.

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