Boombl4: “I would call waylander my worst teammate”

Natus Vincere CS: GO player Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov announced the salary he received in different teams. In an interview with insider Alexei OverDrive Biryukov, he named his best and worst teammates, and also told what teams he most often follows.

According to Boombl4, at the beginning of his career, he received $ 500 a month, but with the transition to Winstrike Team (and later to Natus Vincere), his salary increased many times over.

“I got $ 500 from Quantum Bellator Fire and Elements Pro Gaming. With the transition to Winstirke, the salary has increased about five times. After the transfer to NAVI, they started paying me several times more. “

The worst teammate Mikhailov called Jan waylander Rahkonen, who refused to train individually. Boombl4 considers Yegor flamie Vasiliev to be the best partner.

“My best teammate is flamie. Back in the days of Quantum Bellator Fire, I said that I wanted to play with him. The worst I would call waylander, simply because he only trained with the team and never took the time to practice personally. We asked him to start using maps with bots, but he said that it didn’t help him. I didn’t like it. “

Boombl4 said that he most of all loves to watch the matches of FURIA Esports, Team Liquid and MIBR. He is especially impressed by the play of Andrey arT Piovesan.

“I like watching FURIA matches. ArT is just a madman, not a player: he constantly rushes forward, pushes and at the same time performs with positive statistics. Apart from that, I like to follow Team Liquid at LAN tournaments and, probably, MIBR. In my free time I watch everything that comes across, even matches of 3-4 teams’ shooting range.

Boombl4 has been presenting Natus Vincere since May 2019. Prior to that, he played for Winstrike Team for over a year, and also played for EPG and QBF, with which he first reached the playoffs of the ELEAGUE Major 2018 Major.


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