Boombl4 after defeating “On a good day, I get frags and create space for the team”

Natus Vincere player Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov commented on the victory over at IEM Katowice 2021 CS: GO. In an interview with ESL studio, he noted that in this match he was confident in himself and achieved the necessary results in his corporate style.

Boombl4 noted that he is glad to every meeting with, since he started his way to the tier-1 scene at the same time as the members of the Russian club:

“Today I was just confident in myself. Buster, qikert and Jame started with me, back in the days of Quantum Bellator Fire, so I’m always glad to meet them in the game. It’s great that today we won with a score of 2:0. “

According to Mikhailov,’s success in the first half of Dust2 was primarily due to the strong performance of Jami Jame Ali’s team:

“They just played well [in the first half]. I would say that our defense of point B has become a problem. constantly entered this plant. Flamie laughed when he heard what I was saying. We’ll see the footage later, but I think they played the standard rounds, just went to Point B. didn’t do anything surprising, but her plan worked. “

Boombl4 also said that custom actions on the map are just part of his style, which allows for more space for teammates:

“It’s about my aggressive style. I like to create space for my team. On a good day, everything happens in a similar way – I make frags and give the team room to maneuver. If you give s1mple and electronic the right space in the clutch, they will definitely win. “

Natus Vincere defeated with a score of 2: 0 and advanced to the next round of the upper bracket of Group B. Team Jame will continue their performance in the lower bracket – on February 20 at 14:00 Moscow time, the team will compete with Ninjas in Pajamas in a knockout match.

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