Boombl4 about the victory over Astralis: “Overpass Peak is our trump card”

20.11.2020, 00:13

Ingame leader of the Natus Vincere CS: GO roster Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov commented on the victory over Astralis in the quarterfinals of IEM Beijing Online 2020. In the post-match interview, the Russian spoke about the stage of picks and bans of cards, and also explained the swap of positions of Ilya Perfecto Zalutsky and Yegor flamie Vasiliev on Inferno …

Before the match, analysts were surprised that NAVI did not take Train, but instead picked Overpass, which Astralis lost in the ESL Pro League final:

“When we learned that we were playing with Astralis, we immediately figured out which cards would be best to pick against them. We were expecting Inferno, they smashed two teams on it twice and didn’t pick it against us many times. We understood that they would most likely take it, which they did.

Overpass has simple logic at its peak. We did not take into account our game with them on it at the ESL Pro League, because it was the fifth map of the final, and the human factor was more influencing there – everyone was tired, we did not show proper play there. At the same time, they now have Xyp9x back, which, it seems to me, has little game practice on this map. Perhaps they played little practice. And, in principle, they did not expect this card, just like you. We were able to surprise them with this. Everyone expected, most likely, the peak of Train from us, but we always have a struggle on it, although we came out victorious. Let’s just say Overpass peak is our trump card. “

On Dust2, there is little to surprise opponents, Boombl4 believes, so this map ended up in the ban:

“They pulled Dust2 up a lot, it was evident in their games. Let’s just say that there is little to surprise on it. You can prepare some rounds, but from the point of view of the surprise of the opponent, it was better to pick Overpass. Again, we didn’t show our level at ESL Pro League. We relied on this card, we have trained a lot in recent days. “

The replacement of players in positions for Inferno is related to the playstyle of e-sportsmen, Mikhailov admits:

“We have huge problems with Inferno, everyone can see it, and we understand it ourselves. Even at the last RMR tournament, we lost it to everyone in the CIS who could. The players swap happened because something had to be changed. Ilya is such a player, he defuses situations when a lot of grenades are flying, it is convenient for him, “moliks” and smoky often come to B, he feels more the game. And Yegor [flamie] needs to put more emphasis on aim, it is easier for him to take positions on A. We decided to swap them, we decided that this way each player would make more impact. “

NAVI defeated Astralis 2: 0 – 16: 9 on Overpass and 16: 9 on Inferno.

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