Boombl4 about the match against G2: “Nuke was well prepared for a while”

Cyril Boombl4 Mikhailov commented on the performance of Natus Vincere in the first match at StarSeries & i-League CS: GO Season 8. He said that the team was ready to play with G2 Esports, but failed to put everything into practice.

“We had a match with G2 players in the ESL Pro League, they made some conclusions, we made some conclusions. But some of the things that we encrypted did not work, and we were always squandered in economics, there were not many opportunities. They found entry, often played their default, in the first half of the match there JaCkz made some unrealistic kills, went to the mid without a smok, in CT killed the three of us, gave Ladislav a bullet from the bottom. That is, the game was not going as we would like. We showed an uncertain game in the attack on Overpass because of the Dust2 card, since we lost the offensive match. But in defense, everything was fine with us, and we were able to cripple.

Nuke we have been well prepared for a while. We believed that this is a card that we play a lot. We played a lot of rounds on it, a lot of practices, completely disassembled the defense and attack, in practice everything worked out well. We really lack game practice, because we first prepare three cards, prepare them well, and move on to other cards. When it comes to playing the cards that you trained, you haven’t practiced them for a long time, you just haven’t played the practice, and things happen when someone forgot something. ”

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