Bondik about the match between NAVI and Complexity: “Considering that the game will be online, Col has a small chance of winning.”

Winstrike Team CS: GO player Vladislav bondik Nechiporchuk spoke about the team’s goals for 2020. In an interview with Metaratings, he also gave a prediction for the ESL One Cologne Online 2020 semi-final, where Natus Vincere and Complexity Gaming will meet.

Bondik believes that you need to set realistic goals, so he wants the team to enter the top 20 best teams:

“I want Winstrike Team to be in the top 20 teams in the world by the end of 2020. This is for a start. Although I am an optimist, but at the same time a realist, that’s why I call this figure. And then we will set other tasks ”.

Nechiporchuk believes that NAVI will be the favorites in the upcoming match with Complexity:

bondik: “It is very difficult to assess the odds here, as the tournament is being held online. If this match takes place at a LAN tournament, then I would unconditionally give my preference to Natus Vincere. And given that the game will be online, where NaVi often sinned, Complexity has a small chance of winning. However, for me Natus Vincere is still the favorite in this confrontation. “

The match between NAVI and Complexity is scheduled for August 23, 16:00 Moscow time. The winner will advance to the playoffs, while the loser will face the strongest mousesports pair – MAD Lions.

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