Boltz may return to MIBR – three more BOOM players are planning to sign with him

The management of the MIBR team is considering the possibility of bringing back former club player Ricardo boltz Prass, who now plays for BOOM Esports.

In addition to boltz itself, contracts will be offered to other BOOM members – Marcelo chelo Cespedes, Gustavo yeL Knittel and Bruno shz Martinelli. This was announced by journalist Tomek Jozhvik. The MIBR management has not yet decided who, in this case, will become the fifth player on the roster. Jozhvik previously reported that BOOM players would like to play with Enzo xns Enrique from Santos e-Sports, but this deal is far from complete. Boltz already competed for MIBR in June-July 2018. With him, the team took 7th-8th place at

ESL One Cologne 2018, after which the esports player was transferred to the reserve. On January 8, Vito kNgV-Giuseppe and Alenshar trk Rossato left the MIBR roster, they were the last participants in the roster. Brazilian players plan to continue performing together under a different tag. The MIBR management did not disclose plans for the development of the CS: GO division.

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