BIG will sign smooya

Картинки по запросу smooya csgo

Leading German e-sports team BIG in the near future is going to include into its lineup Owen smooya Butterfield. The well-known insider Jarek DeKay Lewis reports this. According to him, smooya will play on the position of Niels luckeRRR Jasiek, who failed to pass the test period. BIG’s gaming roster is going to remain the same until the end of the ESL Pro League / ESEA competition.

According to insiders, the new player will be introduced by the team next week. In the short term, BIG will participate the ESEA Season 27: Global Challenge and play local matches for EPL. As a stand, Nikola LEGIJA Ninić will perform. By the end of these competitions Owen ‘smooya’ Butterfield will become a complete member of BIG.

BIG’s future lineup:

  • Fatih gob b Dayik
  • Johannes tabseN Wodarz
  • Tizian tiziaN Feldbusch
  • Johannes nex Maget
  • Owen smooya Butterfield

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