“Back in Cologne, we felt exhausted” – apEX named the reasons for the defeat from FURIA

Member of the Team Vitality of CS:GO, Dan apEX Madeskler, spoke about the performance of his team at the ESEA Season 31 Global Challenge.He explains that the team had to play not at the maximum of its capabilities in order to recuperate before IEM Chicago 2019.

“Before this tournament, we have not had a break for three months already. During this time we played in many tournaments, so we did not have the opportunity to rest. Global Challenge was not something important for us, except for the EPL slot. Therefore, we decided that we should try to relax and gain strength during the tournament in order to give our all to the next [IEM Chicago 2019], which is much more important for us.

I understand that our decision seemed unreasonable to the community, and I realize why our actions remained incomprehensible, but we really needed to relax. We at ESL One Cologne already felt exhausted. Even if they reached the final, they would not have shown our best game. Mainly due to the fact that individually everyone was not ready, except for ZywOo. I understand why we are being showered with mud, but I hope that people will understand our intentions.

I don’t know if this will happen again in the future, but next time, before making such a decision, we will definitely consider it well. ”

ESEA Season 31: Global Challenge was held July 13-14 in Dallas, USA. Eight teams played $ 75 thousand. Team Vitality lost FURIA eSports with a 2-0 score in the playoffs and left the championship. Fans of CS: GO were unhappy with the negligent attitude of the team, which ranks second in the HLTV rating, to the tournament.

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