B1ad3: “We needed an experienced player”

CS: GO coach Natus Vincere, Andrei B1ad3 Gorodenskiy, explained why it was Kirill Boombl4 Mikhailov and Ladislav GuardiaN Kovacs who joined the team. In an interview with HLTV.org, he also talked about how the NAVI playing style is currently being built.

About the transition of Boombl4 and GuardiaN to NAVI
“To begin with, we took Boombl4. We understood that this year, at some point, Zeus could leave the roster, as he talked a lot about it. Therefore, we needed a captain much earlier than Zeus left, so that later we would not be in the stupid situation that I got into with Gambit when we could not find a coordinator. Then we tested different snipers, thought about a lot of options. GuardiaN fits very well into this team, as we have young players in it, and he is much older than the rest. We needed an experienced player. Even though I am a team coach, you cannot rely on the composition entirely of young players, sometimes they need this experience in the game itself. GuardiaN played in FaZe and NAVI, participated in many finals, he is very experienced. “


About improving player skills
“We are capable of a lot if we continue to progress, as is happening now. All players are very motivated and listen to me. This is what I was missing earlier, because the players did not always listen to everything that I tried to tell them. I see how strong they are and can quickly analyze situations to create space in the game. We just need to give them more knowledge to improve their skills. We try to give them more knowledge about CS, because they make mistakes in the basics, try to play individually in many important situations, not relying on each other and on team play. Before I came, they did not fully use everything that the game gave them. Every detail, team component, map control, tactical side – we need to bring all aspects of the game to the highest level. In the future we will be very strong if we work it all out. ”


About team play style
“The fact is that the most important part of the current system is the freedom of action of players at certain points. They play 60% in a structured way, and 30-40% play freely, which varies from opponent to opponent. We need to change our playing style based on this. If we play against a specific opponent, then we need to give them less freedom, but in other cases – vice versa. Most importantly, players always have freedom of action – not that they can do whatever they want, they always have a game plan. There are always the same situations on the map, teams play almost the same tactics. If you analyze the map and matches, you will notice that when you win an important situation, you get a huge advantage and win the round very easily. To emphasize this, we need to give players freedom at specific points in these situations. ”

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