B1ad3: “I always thought that the coaching bug was specially created by the CS: GO developers”

Natus Vincere CS: GO mentor Andrey B1ad3 Gorodenskiy commented on the situation with the coach’s camera bug in the game. He joked that the developers added it on purpose.

“I always thought that the coaching bug was specially created by the CS:GO devs to challenge all coaches. To seduce them with new abilities from Valorant. This is how you weed out violators and “glorify” the rest. How else could this bug have existed for so long?

On the night of January 28, Valve made changes to the rules of RMR tournaments. According to the new regulations, coaches are not allowed to communicate with the team from the beginning of the map until its completion. The developers also punished mentors who were caught using a camera bug by the ESIC. They are now officially banned from participating in any way in Valve events. The term of this punishment is individual for each offender and depends on the severity of the offense, up to a life ban.

English-speaking commentator Auguste Semmler Masson said what he thinks about the new rule in CS: GO, according to which teams will lose 20% of RMR points earned in a tournament for each substitution. He tweeted that this change will have a big impact on Team Vitality.

“Valve has dealt a serious blow to Team Vitality. To be fair, teams have known since 2016 that replacements and coaches are not what the company wants to see in CS: GO. “


Along with the substitution penalty rule, Valve also banned coaches from communicating with the team during online matches of the RMR series. This rule also applies to managers and other support personnel.

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