B1ad3 about the NAVI vs. Nemiga match: “We started too early to think that victory is already in our pocket”

Natus Vincere coach Andrei B1ad3 Gorodenskiy commented on the victory over Nemiga Gaming on WePlay! Clutch Island by CS: GO. In the post-match interview, he noted that excessive confidence and excitement in certain moments prevented the team from completing the meeting faster.

“In fact, even before overtime, we had a good plan, but the players were not able to fulfill it. The idea was in the details that would help answer the opponent’s round. I would say that in some situations, the players were very nervous, so I could not coordinate their actions. The point is in little things like timings, exits to the enemy, and so on. That is why we could not win in regular time. ”

B1ad3 said that on the third map the team felt too early the winner of the match. Despite his calls to focus, the game reached overtime.

“I would say that a team is influenced by playing online. Specifically, this match was also hindered by the fact that we too early began to think that victory was already in our pocket. The last map was simple, everyone wanted to finish the meeting faster. I kept repeating: “Let’s concentrate and win, stop making mistakes, we should not underestimate opponents even with an advantage in rounds.”

The NAVI trainer also explained that so far only one team has achieved stable results in the history of CS: GO – Astralis. According to Gorodensky, Natus Vincere players are sometimes mistaken because of psychological problems, but are generally able to overcome them at the right time.

“The only stable team in the world was Astralis. If you look at other formulations, you will notice that their results are constantly changing. We are trying to achieve Astralis stability and build a similar system, but … For example, we knew where Nemiga players go to Nuke, but sometimes they just could not shoot.

Perhaps this is a matter of psychological problems that arise in individual moments. In the end, electronic and flamie showed themselves very well, they understood that it was time to end the match, because the game was in our hands, but we were inferior. That is, in the end, the team is ready to win, but, of course, there is no question of the necessary stability. ”


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