Ax1Le from Gambit: “It’s always uncomfortable to play against teams from the CIS – very tense matches take place”

Gambit Esports CS: GO player Sergei Ax1Le Rykhtorov in an interview with shared his impressions after the victory at IEM Katowice 2021. Rykhtorov noted that the progress of teams from the CIS may be due to the lack of tournaments in the LAN format, and also revealed who made the decision on the signing of Abai HObbit Khasenov.

– Let’s start with the traditional post-match question: what are the emotions after this final?

– Emotions are very cool, I can’t even believe that it happened! It’s just unimaginable, honest. But through hard work, time spent and in general everything, we still managed to win such an important tournament as IEM Katowice 2021.

– It has been discussed many times that HObbit became one of the creators of this success, it was his experience that played a decisive role. But when they just took it, many did not like this decision – after all, with supra, as it seemed then, you had good results. Who was the initiator of this idea, how did you decide to make changes to the mechanism that was already working?

– Yes, we had the results, but over time, we still got the feeling that we need to take the next step in order to be able to jump over our heads. The initiators were rather groove and F_1N. They said that they see Abai signing as the best option for a roster. They believed that his experience and skill would be a valuable addition to Gambit and in general he would fit perfectly into our team.

– Many expected from the finale a bright confrontation between snipers – Jame versus sh1ro. However, your player did not play as well. At least on Train and Overpass, you had other esports players in your game. Was VP able to neutralize it or was it something else influenced?

– So sometimes it happens, what to do. Most often we play at the same point with sh1ro, and sometimes opponents just decide not to come to us. On Overpass, for example, VP went to B for most of the rounds. Consequently, no triple-kills were expected from us with sh1ro. And on other maps there was a similar situation.

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