“At Nuke we were weaker individually” – Jerry and forZe CEO about WESG qualifier defeat

Head forZe Sergey MegioN Ignatko and captain of the CS: GO squad Andrei Jerry Mehryakov commented on the defeat in the qualifiers for WESG 2019-2020 for Russia. In a vlog on the team channel, they noted that on the decisive map the team performed worse than Team Spirit individually.

The club’s CEO added that lack of preparation also affected the result forZe.

“Lost because there was insufficient preparation. Plus, these trips, American jets. Few hours have been played – could have been better. The team as a whole was mentally ready, the guys wanted to win. For some reason, the question arose for protection – as if forgotten how to play. Plus, purely mechanical skills dipped in shooting. Spirit was in better shape. ”

According to Jerry, the team played poorly in defense due to poor communication at point A and unsuccessful attacks on B.

“I would not say that we were weaker than the team – we were weaker individually. Objectively, those who took it below did not cope, and the guys on A for some reason were very bad at negotiating – there was some misunderstanding. Somewhere we did not guess for protection, somewhere we did not shoot. In general, I believe that defeat is more on an individual understanding of the tactical component of the map. ”

The LAN-final of the qualifiers for WESG 2019-2020 CS: GO for Russia was held on February 29 in Kirov. ForZe lost Team Spirit with a score of 1: 2 and lost the chance to enter the main stage of the competition.

The WESG 2019-2020 World Finals is scheduled for March – the exact date is unknown. 24 teams will play a million dollar prize pool. Four teams will receive invites, the remaining 20 will be determined through regional qualifications – earlier Nemiga Gaming won the qualifiers for the CIS.

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