Astralis returns to first place in HLTV ranking

Astralis removed Evil Geniuses from the first line in the HLTV ranking after winning the IEM Beijing 2019. There were no other changes to the top 5 list.

100 Thieves and FaZe Clan added two points each and took sixth and seventh places respectively. Ninjas in Pajamas and AVANGAR dropped to eighth and ninth lines. Natus Vincere displaced mousesports from 11th position, while G2 Esports lost ENCE eSports to 13th.

Heroic bypassed forZe and took 16th place – the CIS team was on the 17th. CR4ZY moved down to 19th position and Grayhound Gaming moved up to 18th position. The top 30 ranking closed Gambit Youngsters.

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