Astralis offered Bubzkji assistance with the transition to another team

CS: GO player Lucas Bubzkji Andersen stated that Astralis did not mind his possible departure from the team. The club offered the cybersportsman help with finding a team, but Andersen did not receive interesting options for continuing his career. Bubzkji tweeted about this, commenting on Patrick’s es3tag Hansen’s transition to Cloud9.

“I was offered the same solution. I could also switch to another team (if I found something interesting). There was not much difference in how they treated me and es3tag. He had a uniquely strong opportunity, he got hold of it. “

On Twitter and on reddit, users don’t believe Andersen’s sincerity. Many believe that in this way Astralis is trying to justify itself, as if the club did not really need an expanded roster, and the organization signed the players only for the purpose of subsequent resale.

On October 15, Astralis sold the es3tag contract to the American club Cloud9. The transfer cost Jack Etienne’s organization $ 2.1 million – the amount includes the cost of the transfer and the salary of an esports player.

Thorin believes the Astralis team is outright lying. British journalist and CS: GO analyst Duncan Thorin Shields once again criticized the Astralis management. He called the management of the Danish club liars – the reason was the transfer of Patrick es3tag Hansen to Cloud9.

“It’s okay to have a spare, but to lie to him and everyone around that he is a full-fledged member of the team is not. According to the logic of Astralis fans, lying is part of the business, which means it’s good.

Astralis is bad at PR. What they do is not even a gimmick. They’re just plainly lying. “

According to some community members, Astralis originally intended to expand its roster not in order to improve sports results, but in order to be able to resell e-sportsmen afterwards.


On October 15, Astralis announced the transfer of es3tag to Cloud9. Together with the player’s salary, the transition cost the American club $ 2.1 million.

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