Astralis Group reports $ 5 million loss for 2019

The Astralis Group, which includes the CS: GO team of the same name, as well as Origen rosters for League of Legends and Future FC for FIFA, published a financial report for 2019. The company received revenue of $ 7.1 million, which is $ 800 thousand more than the forecast that was made after the IPO, and its net loss amounted to $ 5 million.

The main source of revenue for the organization was the Astralis team – its contribution was 81%. Another 16% brought the roster according to LoL, while the cyber-football roster accounted for 3%. The company also presented a graph demonstrating what its revenues were made of. Sponsorship contracts turned out to be the organization’s most important revenue item (54%), profit from playing tournaments amounted to 36% of the total.

The only break-even asset of the organization was the FIFA lineup – Future FC, which earned about $ 146 thousand before deducting expenses for interest, taxes, depreciation and accrued depreciation. According to a similar formula, the LoL line-up lost more than $ 2 million.

Astralis Group entered the IPO on December 9, 2019. A month later, the company’s share price fell 18%. Representatives of the club said that in 2020 they plan to double profits through sponsorship contracts.


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