Astralis goes to the ESL One New York

new_york_2016Astralis won their slot in game against FaZe. Game contains two rounds.
First round: Mirage 10:16 (6:9; 4:7)
Second round: Train 5:16 (4:11; 1:5)
WjFmdzthTherefore, the team list for ESL One New York now is:

SK Natus Vincere Liquid
G2 fnatic Astralis NA qualifier slot

One more slot at ESL One New York is still up for grabs as the last team will be determined in the Northern American qualifier. The initial brackets looks this way:

The bracket for the European qualifier can be found below:

Gambit vs. mousesports
EnVyUs vs. FlipSid3
dignitas vs. Astralis

The bracket for the North American qualifier is:

Cloud9 vs. CLG
Echo Fox vs. TSM
OpTic vs. NRG
compLexity vs. Immortals

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