Astralis dropped to fourth in HLTV ranking

Astralis fell to the fourth position in the ranking of the best teams in the world in CS:GO from HLTV. The second was ENCE eSports, and the third was Team Vitality. Leadership retained Team Liquid.

FaZe Clan shifted NRG Esports from fifth position. The top ten also included compositions North and mousesports, while Fnatic and MIBR left the top 10.

Natus Vincere and AVANGAR remained on the 13th and 20th lines respectively. Thanks to the successful online performance of Nikolai HUNDEN Petersen’s Tricked Esport team, it rose to the 23rd position, and forZe became the 29th. The New Zealand team of Grayhound Gaming dropped immediately to nine places and closed the top 30.

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