Armless teenager began to stream to earn surgery

15-year-old teenager Denis Goncharov, who lost his hands in an accident, began to stream Counter-Strike and Minecraft: he wants to earn money for the operation. This was reported by the telegram channel Mash and the portal NGS24.

A tragic incident happened in 2015: 10-year-old Goncharov was shocked when he climbed onto a transformer substation, as a result of which both his hands burned out. Over time, the boy learned to do a lot with his feet – write, make the bed and work on the computer.

Denis has a YouTube channel where he streams and communicates with viewers. So far, Goncharov has earned only $ 200 on donations, but he does not despair and wants to earn a trip to St. Petersburg, where he must undergo surgery to lengthen his left hand stump – this is necessary for subsequent prosthetics of the limb.

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