ApEX about Team Vitality: “I feel that I am finally ready to become a captain”

CS: GO Team Vitality player Dan apEX Madeskler said that he would assume the role of captain after the departure of Alex ALEX MakMikina. After the change of leader, the Frenchman wrote a large post on TwitLonger, in which he talked about the role of McMiquin in the composition, as well as about the successes and problems of the team in 2019.

About the role of ALEX in Team Vitality
“Creating a team from scratch was a real test for us, because Nathan and NBK Schmitt and I wanted to build it with such a talented player as Mathieu ZywOo Erbo. It was not easy to deal with all those qualifiers that we had to go through. We quickly realized that ALEX had a good idea of ​​playing for the attack, so we decided to give it some of the captain functions (at that time we had two leaders). The ALEX and XTQZZZ tandem is the main reason why we have developed so well and why we had such a well-coordinated team. It is thanks to them that we so often went to the playoffs in tournaments.

After a while, NBK and the team began to diverge their views on the game, so we had to leave. It was a difficult period, because I played with Nathan for four years. We had a lot of great things in common in our careers. Instead of NBK, we took Richard the shox of Papillon, and ALEX became a full-fledged captain. From that moment, everything went downhill. We had to play too many tournaments that we could not miss. We were all very exhausted and morally tired, so we just could not show everything we were capable of.

After the EPL, we took a break to prepare for EPICENTER. The plan worked – we won the tournament. After that, ALEX lost the motivation to continue playing at the highest level. We all felt it. It was very difficult to accept this, everything fell out of hand. I want to thank ALEX for the past year when we were together. I found out about him a long time ago, and I am very glad that we managed to play on the same team. ”

About the new teammate and captain functions
“Now we need to completely rebuild everything. We have a long way to go to the level we were in 2019. I know all my teammates well, and now they are all motivated to return to the top again. The arrival of young blood is great news for the French scene. I think Kevin misutaaa Rabier deserved a place on the team. We will try to create the best conditions in order to properly use his talent in the game.

As for me, it was not easy to cope with all this, because I always tried to keep the squads in which I played. Unfortunately, I failed again. The last six months have been terrible, I could not find my place in the team. This is a big problem, and I am ready to give everything to solve it. That is why I feel that I am finally ready to become the captain of this team. This thought haunts me for a long time, but I did not feel that I was ready. As many of you know, I had problems with controlling emotions. Now we are working with a trainer and psychologist, and I feel much better. I believe that our team will be able to return to the world top. “

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