ApEX about shox: “He has not yet had time to return to its previous form”

apEX told how the adaptation of Richard shox Papillon takes place after the transition to the Team Vitality CS: GO. In an interview with ESL, he noted that the team needs more time to train and recover.

“RpK and I know shox very well, because in the past we played with it. Performing with him on the same team is just fine, but, unfortunately, we did not have time to fully prepare for any situations. Yes, we have been playing with such a team for more than a month, but we trained for no more than ten days. Nevertheless, I believe that our team has enough experience to show results even without preparation.

If someone like shox who finds it difficult to adapt comes to the team, you need to give him a boost of confidence. Even outside the game, you need to tell him: “Do not be discouraged, you are good at CS: GO and you were one of the best, stop doubting yourself, and everything will be fine.” I would say that he has not yet had time to return to its previous form. Now he needs to adapt to the team. Most players cannot immediately show the result: the style is changing, the meta is changing. Over time, everything will come. ”

On September 28th, shox moved from G2 Esports to Team Vitality.

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