Anubis and Swamp maps have been improved in the update for CS: GO

On the night of August 7, Valve released a balanced patch for CS: GO, in which it made several changes to the Anubis, Mutiny and Swamp maps. The developers also put up for sale The Fracture Collection case with 17 new skins and knives from Operation Shattered Web.

List of major changes: updated background for Mutiny map;
fixed several exploits related to VPK spoofing;
removed support for launch parameter –untrusted;
carried out multiple improvements to the SDR network protocol;
improved logic for selecting SDR routing;
fixed network SDR sessions that could not be reused after expiration;
general optimization and stability improvements were made;
updated localization files.

fixed some bugs with incorrect bounces and invisible pixels;
fixed a bug that allowed early detection of enemies through the wall near the bridge;
removed the shadow from the palm tree on the bridge;
fixed lumbago on the way to point B;
fixed bugs due to which weapons could fall through the floor or stairs;
returned windows at point B, through which you can throw grenades;
updated textures for the double door in the central corridor.

general optimization and performance improvements were made on all parts of the map;
Adjusted shadowing distances to improve performance.

general optimization and FPS increased;
updated water textures;
increased brightness of some areas of the map;
improved radar map;
removed invisible pixels.

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