ALEX: “When we won the second pistol round at Nuke, I realized that we would win”

Team Vitality captain Alex ALEX MakMikin told how the EPICENTER 2019 CS: GO final was held and at what point did he realize that his team would win the tournament. In an interview with, MakMikin also noted that Mathieu ZywOo Erbo is unlikely to be the best player of the year according to HLTV.

You and mousesports exchanged victories at the peak of the enemy. How did this happen?

We lost a couple of rounds in a five-in-two and four-in-two situation on Inferno, and this flowed out to defeat at its peak. And on Mirage, everything worked out for us. We read their actions well, playing for defense, and it was quite easy for me to manage the team in the attack. I knew what to do. And everything went to Nuke.

And were you glad Nuke?

Yes, and we immediately led 10: 1. We acted very tough, and the start was pretty easy. Half ended with a score of 10: 5. When we won the second pistol round, I realized that we would win.

When you lost the first card, did it somehow affect the atmosphere in your team?

No, not a drop. Our team has people who are responsible for psychological preparation. And we worked hard to ensure that in such situations we maintain the correct thinking. And it paid off.

Some people expressed the opinion that mousesports players were exhausted, as they played several hard tournaments. And the fact that you stretched to the last card finally exhausted them. Do you agree with this?

I think that our defeat in the final of ESL One Cologne 2019 could be justified in the same way. But when we talk about the title match, it doesn’t matter how tired you are. Such things cannot be excuses. If you are too tired before the final, then you should not play it at all. You just need to go out and win.


When I talked with shox, he said that ZywOo needed to win a trophy in order to become the best player of the year according to You won the last tournament of the year. What do you think, now he will receive this title?

I do not think so. From the point of view of the individual game, perhaps he deserves it. But Astralis had a great year, and it would be more logical to give this title to device. Next year we will try to win more trophies, and then it may well become the best.

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