ALEX: “The problem with NBK was not in coordination, but in his approach as a captain”

Alex ALEX MakMikin explained why Team Vitality decided to exclude Nathan NBK Schmitt from CS: GO. In an interview with, he noted that the team had conflicts with the former captain.

“During the major unpleasant moment, which we will not talk about. Because of this, already in the second week we knew that we would change the composition. So said the coach. Then we started looking for free players. KioShiMa, of course, was not busy, so we turned to him. When we returned home, shox came to the coach and offered his candidacy. For us, he was the perfect option. He will not solve all our problems, but will help to remove many issues.

The problem with NBK was not even coordination, but his approach as a captain. The team wanted one, and he absolutely different. Here the difficulties began. In the game, the middle of the round sagged strongly. Previously, I had to generate all the ideas, and I also controlled the actions of the others – from the first to the last second of the match. Now shox will help with this. ”

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