ALEX spoke about the reasons for leaving Team Vitality

Alex ALEX MakMikin explained why he decided to leave Team Vitality on CS: GO. In a message on TwitLonger, he noted that last year the team spent too much time traveling and the situation will not improve this season.

“Last year we spent 36 weeks away from home – already by July it was hard for me to follow such a schedule. In 2020, we wanted to spend in other countries no more than 22 weeks, that is, get an additional two and a half months at home. However, the accelerated development of the CS: GO competitive scene with leagues from ESL and BLAST has changed everything, and we would not be able to meet the established limits.

Given this, the most logical decision for me was to leave the squad before I stopped giving all my best because of fatigue. I suggested that the team stay in the roster until they find a replacement, but the team decided to do it right away. ”

ALEX added that it does not yet know “what awaits it in the future.” The former captain did not say when he returned to the professional scene. MakMikin has represented Team Vitality since January 2019. Together with the team, he performed at majors in Katowice and Berlin, and also won four LAN tournaments, including EPICENTER 2019.

Team Vitality confirmed the departure of ALEX on the night of March 5 – earlier insider Guillaume neL Canelo spoke about this. The team has not yet decided who will take the position of captain, and has not found a new player for the CS: GO roster.

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