Aizy: “I didn’t expect North to transfer me to the reserve”

Professional CS: GO player Philip aizy Aistrup shared his opinion on the transfer to North. According to the Dane, the team stopped believing that they could achieve something with the previous lineup. He spoke about this in an interview with the HLTV portal.

“I really didn’t expect good news, but I didn’t expect to be transferred to the reserve either. North has a roster restructuring plan for 2021, and MSL and I are not part of it. “

Aistrup also spoke about the reasons for the team’s unsuccessful performances:

“We lacked stability. We played very close matches with top teams, and the next day we lost to teams that we shouldn’t have lost on paper. Gradually, this depleted the level of trust, we just stopped believing that we can do something. ”

Aizy answered the question about future plans:
“It will be useful for me to try something new, so I do not take offense and do not hold any grudge against anyone. I would not mind playing in an English-speaking team. I am open to any suggestions. “

On November 24, North put Aistrup and MSL up for transfer. According to the organization, these steps are aimed at rejuvenating the composition. Aizy and MSL have played for North since 2017.

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