“After the vacation, pack up and win DreamHack” – forZe spoke about the ups, downs and prospects of the CS: GO roster

Russian multigaming forZe has released a half-hour film with comments from the management, coach and CS: GO team players. The club spoke about the problems that the roster has experienced over the past year, about attempts to change the approach to matches and training, as well as about the immediate tasks of the team. The video was published on YouTube.

The first half of the film is dedicated to the success of the team in 2019, including the performance at BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019 and the victory at DreamHack Open Winter 2019. Then the speakers talked about the first signs of a recession that were outlined by the beginning of 2020, as a result of which the club decided to change the coaching approach : First Sergey lmbt Bezhanov joined the team as a consultant, and then he took over the duties of the head coach. Here is how Anatoly liTTle Yashin spoke about the rearrangement:

“I listen to the guys say, make notes where they played badly. I also watch games, but I cannot influence the course of the game – this is the main factor that has changed. “

As CEO of forZe Sergey MegioN Ignatko said, the club wants to try everything possible to keep the roster:

“We decided to see what would come of it. Reshuffle is the simplest solution, but there are many other aspects that can still be worked on. We work with the team constantly. If we get to the shuffles, which we would not want – we respect the guys, we have come a long way with them, we are very grateful to them for that – this will only happen when we understand that we have already tried everything and does not work a damn thing. “

Now the top CS: GO teams are on vacation – forZe players also need a restart. Evgeny FL1T Lebedev laconically spoke about the tasks facing the team in the near future:

“After the vacation, pack up and win DreamHack. Then win the third RMR tournament. “

ForZe is currently ranked 27th in the HLTV rating. According to the results of two RMR tournaments, which determine the participants of the nearest Major, the team has 1,750 rating points. To enter ESL One Rio 2020, the club needs to get into the top 5 CIS teams – now forZe is in tenth place.

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