“After the defeat from Liquid, I realized that the team had stopped in development” – karrigan about changing roles and about the meta in CS: GO

Captain mousesports commented on the current meta and predicted who would be the best player in 2019.

After winning the ESL Pro League Season 10, you gave a very emotional interview in which you called this year very difficult. Can you explain why? You showed good results.

Rather, the year was difficult for me individually. After winning the EPICENTER 2018 as part of FaZe Clan, I sat on the bench and since then tried to return again to the top. When we won the Pro League, I suddenly realized how hard it all came for me – I had to donate a lot. I hardly rested, did not see my family and friends … At that moment I realized that all this was not in vain.

Of course, we sometimes showed good results in mousesports, but we had enough offensive defeats. Big clubs cannot afford to be so unstable. ESL Pro League has become one of the best moments of my career. The style in which we won this tournament, and the very fact that we managed to do it from an underdog perspective, was very important to me.

– This year mousesports showed unstable results. You had victories at the beginning of the year, then you sank a bit, and now you suddenly began to win all tournaments in a row. Why?

– I would not say that we had unstable results. We were still performing at a decent level, it was simply not high enough for us to qualify for getting into the top 5 of the world rating. We always stopped a step away from the playoffs or lost in the first round, having every chance of winning.

After the major, where we lost Team Liquid in a very equal match for the top 8, I realized that the team stopped in development. Or maybe even started to regress. At the beginning of StarSeries & i-League CS: GO Season 8, we were probably in the worst shape in the history of this roster. Then we decided to change roles a bit, and now we feel better than ever and make fewer mistakes. At a certain moment, it seemed that we were going to the bottom, but we were able to fix everything – this is the main thing that happened to us over the year.

– In your opinion, will you be able to fix this form and continue to perform as brightly?

– To get into the top 5 of the world ranking is not difficult. It’s easy even to get the top 3. The problem is to continue working after this, to keep motivation, to win even more tournaments. I will be glad if we can do this. In the end, for this we created a team, right?

Therefore, our goal for 2020 is to stay in the top 5 or even in the top 3. Will we succeed, time will tell. The competition on stage today is very serious, we have a lot of worthy opponents. Of course, Astralis is an undeniable leader, but all the more valuable for me is the victory that we managed to gain over it.

“That doesn’t sound very ambitious.” Why do you want to just stay in the top 5, and not rise to the first line?

– We talked about this in a team: the point is not just to stay in the top 5 or top 3. Think about it yourself: if you occupy the third line in the ranking, then at any tournament you are automatically considered a contender for the title, right? This is already enough.

Speaking objectively, you can’t just climb the top 1 and consider yourself the best. To do this, you need to maintain leadership for a year or at least six months. And this is a very ambitious task, given the state of the professional scene.

If we can stay in the top 3 in the course of 2020, then our next goal will be to rise to the first line and become the best team in the world. But you need to remain realistic: to remain the first club in the world for a whole year is very difficult, almost impossible. Even Astralis could not do this. We want to be the best, and we have everything to achieve this. But we want to grow steadily, and not jump to the first line and lose it in a week.

– You mentioned that in mousesports there was a change of roles, after which the results went uphill. Can you explain what has changed in the team?

– The most noticeable change is that chrisJ and frozen switched positions. David and I are now playing together, very actively interacting and understanding each other. ChrisJ and ropz still have the same synergy since the old mouz squad. This was the main edit in the defense game – ropz and woxic are still in their positions.

Another change occurred in the attack: we made frozen a kind of playmaker, lurker. Previously, he played the role of an entri-fragmenter, but now this responsibility has shifted to chrisJ. Chris had done this before, so he wouldn’t get used to it. This clearly benefited both players.

When this roster was just assembled, I always kept in mind such a model of the game as a backup. But after the tournament in Turkey, it became clear that it was time to put all the cards on the table.


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