AdreN: “We continue to work on ourselves”

AVANGAR CS:GO roster player Dauren AdreN Kystaubaev commented on the team’s performance in the group stage of StarLadder Berlin Major 2019. In an interview with StarLadder, he also said that the team continues to work on itself and will try to improve its game before the playoffs.

About Vertigo Training

“We have not yet shown our Vertigo. We prepared a lot of new chips, came up with new strategies, maybe even a new meta. Who knows, maybe in the playoffs we will play on Vertigo. “

About the game against Team Liquid

“When in 2017 I played with Gambit, we watched a lot of Astralis game recordings and learned to play Overpass with the help of its demos. We did the same this time. We knew how the Liquid team played. Each of his actions was almost obvious to us, since we watched a lot of demos and knew how the players move. It helped us a lot. ”

About plans for the playoffs

“One day we will definitely rest and then we will prepare. Let’s play on our cards, come up with something new. We are still progressing, reviewing our demos, highlighting errors and trying to work them out. So we continue to work on ourselves. ”

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