88-Gaming team to revive in CIS

Cyril Pohmel Bobrik and Vladimir VofkiN Shmakov will revive the 88-Gaming team. This was reported by the portal HLTV.org. According to the site, the first will become a coach, and the second – a player.

HLTV mentioned that ex-Gambit Esports player Ivan spaze Obrezhan, Ramazan Ramz1k Bashizov, Maxim t0rick Zaikin and Ivis prelideN Krastins will also become participants in 88-Gaming.

The original 88-Gaming performed on the professional stage of Counter-Strike 1.6. In its composition in 2008-2010. included pohmel and VofkiN.

Estimated composition of 88-Gaming:
Pohmel (trainer).

CS: GO coach forZe Anatoly liTTle Yashin commented on the 88-Gaming revival. He believes that Vladimir VofkiN Shmakov returned the tag, “to earn.” Yashin tweeted about this.

On May 7, the HLTV portal announced that Cyril Pohmel Bobri and Vladimir VofkiN Shmakov will revive the 88-Gaming team. The composition will also include Ramadan Ramz1k Bashizov, Maxim t0rick Zaikin, Ivan spaze Obrezhan and Ives prelideN Krastins. Read about it here.

Earlier, insider Alexei OverDrive Biryukov said that Syman Gaming had expelled Bashizov from Ramadan Ramz1k “because of a scandal with fake matches.” The club explained the replacement with “family circumstances” in Ramz1k.


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