Petr1k: “I think in many ways the reason for DreamEaters wins is a strong moral component”

Analyst Alexander Petr1k Petrik believes that DreamEaters will be able to resist Astralis in the first leg of the main stage of StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 CS: GO. In a forecast for the Bookmakers Rating, he said that preliminary stage games could help the Russian team.

“DreamEaters do not have any unrealistic developments, they just confidently do what they did before. I think, in many respects, the reason for the victories of DE is a strong moral component. The guys, although young, but confidently shoot and move on the map even at the most crucial moment.

Astralis received the first seeding before this tournament, although they are not in first place in the current HLTV ranking. The Danes, after winning the last major, sagged significantly in terms of results, but I don’t think that 3-4 or 5-6 places in big tournaments are an extremely bad result. Yes, they are not the best team in the world, but still remain one of the main contenders for victory in the “major”.

The forecast of the map here will not give much, but do not forget that the legends are just starting the tournament, and such teams as DreamEaters have already joined the tournament mode. It can help them a lot. ”

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