100 Thieves takes advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to disband CS: GO roster

The management of the organization 100 Thieves, which announced yesterday the disbandment of its CS: GO roster, planned to get rid of the unprofitable roster even earlier.

According to rumors, the main reason for the abandonment of the composition was the high financial burden on the organization’s payroll, caused by solid salaries. The bosses of the American team considered different options for terminating contracts in order to avoid litigation and high payouts to players. The lawyers of 100 Thieves, having carefully studied the agreements, were able to designate the coronavirus pandemic as force majeure, which allowed the club to abandon the composition on more favorable terms. It should be noted that all players received compensation for the early termination of contracts, the amount of payments was not reported.

The 100 Thieves squad was acquired in October 2019 from the Australian organization Renegades. During their performances under the tag of an American organization, the team managed to rise to fifth place in the HLTV rating.

The prices for stickers of the former 100 Thieves CS: GO team have increased on the Steam Marketplace. If earlier standard stickers cost in the range of 12-14, now they are sold and bought at a price of 23-28.

The price chart shows that they began to rise on October 12 the day of the announcement of the withdrawal of 100 Thieves from the discipline. In addition to stickers, the team’s graffiti also went up: earlier they could be bought for 2, but now the average price tag is 8.

100 Thieves justified leaving CS: GO on the difficult tournament situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some insiders say that in fact the club wanted to unload the payroll, and the coronavirus became just an imaginary excuse.

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