Coldzera remains in MIBR

Картинки по запросу Coldzera csgo

Marcelo ‘coldzera‘ David officially announced in his Twitter that he does not plan to leave MIBR in the short term. E-sportsman leveled all rumors provided by Fans of the famous roaster panicked about the possible departure of Marcelo.

On the portal in the beginning of July there was information about coldzera’s departure from the new e-spots team MIBR – Made in Brazil. According to rumors, he had to change the team after the performance on FACEIT Major – London 2018. According to his colleagues, the player has disagreements with current leadership of the team regarding the future of the organization. Most likely coldzera could be moved to Team Liquid.

SK’s players moved to MiBR

Картинки по запросу MiBR csgo

Immortals’ management recently announced the signing of a contract with SK Gaming for the transfer of their main players to the new team. New lineup will perform as MiBR, which is decoded as Made In Brazil. Representatives of Immortals officially purchased MiBR.

Presentation of MiBR happened on June 23 in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. Event was attended by former representatives of MiBR, as well as their new members. Individual speech was delivered by the general manager of Immortals Tomi ‘lurppis’ Cowanen. Noah Winston, CEO of the organization, said that Immortals plans to fully promote electronic sports in Brazil through active infrastructure development. The organization will intensively open cybersport academies in the country.

Rumors about the possible transfer of SK Gaming’s players in the new lineup appeared in the winter of 2018, within players’ displeasure relative to the leadership of the organization. SK signed Luminosity Gaming in the summer of 2016. After minor permutations, SK won most of the largest CS: GO championships.

Current lineup of MiBR (Made in Brazil):

  1. Gabriel FalleN of Toledo;
  2. Fernando fer Alvarenga;
  3. Marcelo coldzera David;
  4. Ricardo boltz Prass;
  5. Jake Stewie2k Yip;
  6. Ricardo dead Sinigaglia (manager / coach).