Dust2 replaces Cobblestone in the tournament map pool

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Within latest CS:GO update Valve’s developers have made several changes to the competitive process. In particular, the popular map Dust2 was returned to the competition map pool, replacing the no less popular Cobblestone. According to analysts’ opinion, Cobblestone in the near future will be reworked.

  • List of changes in the latest CS:GO update:
  • Dust2 is included to the competition map pool;
  • Nuke now has the Wingman mode;
  • Cobblestone is removed from the competitive pool and moved to the Defusal Group Delta section along with Austria and Shipped.

The updated version of Dust2 is present in the gaming client from October 19, 2017. Since that, many disputes appeared about the including of this map in the tournament system. Many professional players expressed dissatisfaction with the changed version of Dust2. In their opinion, Dust2 does not match the level of professional tournaments.

How to increase FPS in PUBG

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PUBG is extremely resource intensive game. If your PC has low technical specifications, there are several simple ways to increase FPS without noticeable loss of image quality. The ideal option would be to buy a new computer with a modern GPU, but it is not affordable for everyone. Therefore, we are going to use some flexible adjustments of PUBG to improve graphics performance.

Why FPS getting low

Reducing FPS usually occurs for two reasons:

  1. Incorrect installation of a game on PC.
  2. Computer does not match the requirements of the installed game.

PUBG currently is in “early access” and developers often release update packs. This periodically generates lags and freezes, regardless to PC characteristics. To monitor FPS in PUBG, it is necessary to turn it on. To do it, you:

  • Go to Steam >> Settings tab.
  • Go to “In the game” section.
  • By default, the FPS counter is off (display frame rate ) – turn it on and select its location on the screen (which corner).
  • Now you can track the fps value while playing PUBG.

How to increase FPS in PUBG

The first thing that can be done to increase FPS in PUBG is to make an optimization. At the output you will get about +10-20 FPS. If this is not enough, it is advisable to think about the possibility of upgrading your PC, in particular about replacing the processor or at least about expanding the RAM.

In PUBG there are several game parameters available for adjusting to raise FPS:

  • Scale of the screen is a key parameter that affects the FPS. Its value should be adjusted depending on the parameters of your monitor and image perception. By setting this parameter to 90, you can immediately get FPS increasing!
  • Shadows – set this parameters a minimum to have an advantage in the game (better visibility from a distance) and the increase in FPS.
  • Anti-aliasing – set it to an average value to better see the contours of in-game enemies.
  • Postprocessing – set to a minimum. Within the game this parameter is not useful.
  • Textures – choose low quality textures to reduce the load on CPU to increase FPS.

Video instruction on how to increase fps in PUBG:

Have a good game!

Fragsters and Valiance are invited to FPL

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FACEIT Pro League officially announced the invitations to teams Fragsters and Valiance to participate in the highest division of the league. Among the invited participants there is no Nemanja huNter Kovač, who is not a representative of FPL.

Fragsters participated the Bets.net Masters tournament, which happened from 5 to 8 April in Kiev. The team managed to take the bronze medal and receive a reward of $15,000. During the competition, Fragsters beat such strong opponent as Virtus.pro and Gambit Esports. In the lower grid finals Fragsters were beaten by North.

Valiance managed to get a spot in DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018 after European qualification. Central championship will be held on April 18-22 at Le Dôme de Marseille Arena. Total prize fund of the tournament is $250,000.

FPL is a closed ladder for pro-gamers, based on the FACEIT platform. To become a member of it you need to receive a special invitation from the organizers, or qualify through a lower division. FPL’s monthly prize pool is $20,000.

BIG will sign smooya

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Leading German e-sports team BIG in the near future is going to include into its lineup Owen smooya Butterfield. The well-known insider Jarek DeKay Lewis reports this. According to him, smooya will play on the position of Niels luckeRRR Jasiek, who failed to pass the test period. BIG’s gaming roster is going to remain the same until the end of the ESL Pro League / ESEA competition.

According to insiders, the new player will be introduced by the team next week. In the short term, BIG will participate the ESEA Season 27: Global Challenge and play local matches for EPL. As a stand, Nikola LEGIJA Ninić will perform. By the end of these competitions Owen ‘smooya’ Butterfield will become a complete member of BIG.

BIG’s future lineup:

  • Fatih gob b Dayik
  • Johannes tabseN Wodarz
  • Tizian tiziaN Feldbusch
  • Johannes nex Maget
  • Owen smooya Butterfield

Mercedes-Benz announces CS:GO championship!

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World’s leading automaker Mercedes-Benz just announced the e-sports championship called Mercedes-Benz CS:GO Cup. Total prize pool of the event is $50,000. Detailed information about the competition is available on the official website of this organization. Tournament will go within the MOCHE XL Esports Festival, where some other championships will go (FIFA, LoL and Call of Duty).

Four most famous CS:GO squads will participate the Mercedes-Benz CS:GO Cup through invites. Another two spots will be given to the winners of the Pyrenees qualification and Mercedes-Benz Master League Portugal. A series of qualifying matches in the Portuguese region will be held on May 12-20. Final part of the tournament will go on June 9-10 at the Lisbon Altis Arena, which has a capacity of 20 thousand spectators.

Prize pool distribution:

  • 1st place – $25 000;
  • 2nd place – $15 000;
  • 3-4 places – $4 000 each;
  • 5-6 places – for $1 000.

Official promo-video of the Mercedes-Benz CS:GO Cup:

Have a good game!

PUBG’s System Requirements

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a survival simulator, extremely demanding on the gaming hardware. The game barely runs on the top-end hardware. Despite everything, people buy PUBG in order to enjoy the game even on weak PCs, and use optimization to minimize drawdowns of FPS. For PUBG, the technical characteristics of hardware are strongly important, but the correct setup of game parameters is no less necessary. Today we are going to talk about the system requirements of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Minimum hardware

PUBG’s marketers have done their best to expand the audience of the game, as a result, the minimum system requirements are artificially understated:

  • OS – 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • CPU – Intel Core i3-4340 / AMD FX-6300
  • RAM – 6 Gb
  • GPU – Nvidia Geforce gtx 660 2gb / AMD Radeon HD 7850 2Gb
  • DirectX version – 11
  • Disk space – 30 Gb
  • Broadband connection to the Internet.

It is almost impossible to get a normal gaming dynamics on this hardware. Yes, many graphic defects can be excluded due to deep optimization, but in fact, the computer should be more powerful. Developer’s site says that on above-mentioned hardware you can get 60 fps at FHD resolution only with the lowest graphics settings.

Graphics testing results

PUBG equally heavily loads the CPU and GPU. Partial performance improvement is possible by installing the game on SSD drive. In this case, you cut texturing. Many people on the Internet carried out testing PUBG’s graphics for various hardware configurations. Practice shows that the owners of Nvidia’s GPUs have better dynamics, in comparison with AMD’s videocards. In addition, the game is constantly updated, and the update packs are released every month. Hopefully the game as a whole will become lighter soon.

For a comfortable PUBG gaming you need a very strong PC. Even the 1050ti can hardly run the full load (30-50 fps), there are almost no chances for less powerful GPUs. The 1080ti provides 132 fps in the city and 144 fps in the field. Note that even on 1080ti there are many small brakes and friezes regardless to the hardware (game issues). Let’s hope that in the near future developers will be able to optimize the game qualitatively. A visual comparison of the different configurations of the PC for PUBG can be found in the video below.

Enjoy gaming!

kNg leaves Virtue Gaming

Картинки по запросу kNg csgo

The leadership of Virtue Gaming revised the structure of the gaming roster and signed Lucas ‘cad‘ Oliveira. The new player will take the position of Vito ‘kNgV-‘ Giuseppe, who now represents the Brazilian e-sports organization Não Tem Como.

cad played for Virtue within the latest qualification for the ESL Pro League Latin America tournament. Team failed to get a spot in the main competition, but the player was still reserved for further play as part of the main roster.

In the past, cad represented such organizations as Black Dragons and No Limits. Talks on kNgV’s leaving Virtue, began in the network in early March. According to official data, transfer took place on April 5.

Current Virtue Gaming’s lineup:

  • Lucas destiny Bullo
  • Ricardo s1 Shinji
  • Caike caike Costa
  • Dener KHTEX Barchfield
  • Lucas cad Oliveira

HObbit is no longer Gambit’s captain!

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Abay ‘Hobbit‘ Khasenov in his tweet stated that he is no longer claims the captain’s position of Gambit Esports and in the short term is planning to focus on improving his own game indicators. There is no exact information about who will now took lead’s position. Many analysts assumed that HObbit will continue be the captain, but their expectations were not justified.

According to SLTV’s analyst petr1k, the new captain of Gambit is going to be Denis ‘seized‘ Kostin. The main reason for this assumption is the current location of the player in the team within the offline championship Bets.net Masters. According to petr1k’s observation, a day earlier HObbit sat in seized’s place.

HObbit became the captain of Gambit after the ambiguous game of the team in ELEAGUE Major 2018. Gambit took 9-11 place in general competitive list. After that, the Kazakhstan squad participated StarSeries i-League Season 4 and IEM Season XII – World Championship and get similar results.

Current lineup of Gambit Esports:

  • Dauren ‘AdreN‘ Kystaubayev
  • Mihail ‘Dosia‘ Stolyarov
  • Rustem ‘mou‘ Telepov
  • Denis ‘seized‘ Kostin
  • Abay ‘Hobbit’ Khasenov

Gambit and Heroic will not perform at World Cyber Arena 2017!

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Finalists of the European qualifier for World Cyber Arena 2017 teams Gambit and Heroic are not going to perform at the final stage of the competition due to the extreme overload of their tournament schedule. For the same reason, the teams Chiefs eSports Club and B.O.O.T-dream[S]cape will not participate the event. Spots of the known e-sports organizations will be occupied by AGO and Recca. Both members participated the initial qualifiers.

Heroic, Chiefs and B.O.O.T left the competition in favor of the opportunity to compete for spots in IEM Sydney 2018, which will go from May 1 to 6 in Australia with a total prize pool of $200,000. Squad from Kazakhstan participated the main European qualifier, and the GG:Origin tournament, but left behind both competitions.

Final stage of the World Cyber Arena 2017 is scheduled for April 29-30. Matches will go offline in Zhuhai City of China. According to the RFRSH director Graham messioso Pitt’s commentaries, the total prize pool of WCA2017 was cut by $120,000.

Current members of WCA 2017 Finals:

  • AGO Esports
  • Recca Esports
  • Luminosity Gaming
  • Isurus Gaming
  • Valour
  • Next Generation

TACO in Team Liquid!

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Epitacio ‘TACO‘ de Melo is represented as an auxiliary player of Team Liquid on the official ESEA website. The player actually became part of the active roster of the strongest American e-sports organization Team Liquid. TACO claims the position of Lucas ‘steel‘ Lopes, who was replacing by TACO in one of the recent matches. We remind you that ‘steel’ continues playing for Liquid. There are no details from the players yet.

Epitacio ‘TACO‘ de Melo left SK Gaming on March 22. The player broke up with the world’s strongest CS:GO team by his own initiative. As TACO explained, he lost interest of playing for SK. There were a lot of rumors on the web that Epitacio would either replace ‘steel’ in Liquid, or go to Cloud9 to move Jake ‘Stewie2K‘ Yip.

Current Team Liquid’s lineup:

  1. Jonathan ‘EliGE‘ Jablonowski
  2. Steve ‘jokasteve‘ Perino
  3. Keith ‘NAF-FLY‘ Markovic
  4. Nick ‘nitr0‘ Cannella
  5. Lucas ‘steelega‘ Benedito Lopes
  6. Epitacio ‘TACO‘ de Melo
  7. Russel ‘twistzz‘ VanDulken