Third EPICENTER is scheduled for October 2018

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Huge CS:GO EPICENTER series championship is scheduled for October 22-28. Information about that appeared at special press-release of the organization. As for now the tournament has 10 official participants. Five of them are going to get direct invitations, but other five spots will go for winners of the regional qualifiers (Europe, NA and Asia).

Another three spots to the tournament will be distributed between the rest participants. All members to fight for coming to the group stage. Single spot will go to the special CS:GO squad from organizers of the competition. Best team from the point of HLTV is going to get ticket to the championship immediately.

Qualifying matches of EPICENTER 2018 is scheduled for August 19 for teams from European region. Participants from North American region will compete for places in the main tournament on August 21. Qualifying matches will last until September 2018. You can already participate in the tournament by registering on FACEIT platform. Official starting day for registration will be published in the near future. to fight MVP PK at ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018

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Polish professional CS:GO squad is going to meet MVP PK team within ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018 tournament. In a parallel branch, MIBR will fight Flash Gaming. All these meetings will happen within beginning stage of the event. Competition is scheduled for August 24-26 in Hong Kong. Total prize pool of the competition is $300,000. All participants are distributed in Single-Elimination tournament format. Fights format is Bo3. Finalists will fight each other in Bo5 format of the fights. Champion will get prize of $200,000.

Structure of 1/4 of ZOTAC CUP Masters 2018: - Free Image Hosting

ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018 is the first LAN-championship for new’s lineup to play. This month the team has signed up new member snatchie from AGO Esports. North American qualification winner Ghost Gaming is going to fight in Hong Kong with kRYSTAL as stand-in. Previous stand-in of the team Mat Pollo has gone.

Flash Gaming broke off partnership with Vici Gaming

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Organizations Vici Gaming and Flash Gaming terminated their partnership, as reported by the leadership of Flash Gaming at social network Weibo. From now on, general lineup of VG.FlashGaming will play under a single tag Flash Gaming. FG will eventually buy out the contracts of zhokiNg and Freeman, who will play together with Attacker, Summer and LOVEYY. According to generally accepted rules, players’ spots to retain for a new squad.

Partnership of Vici Gaming and Flash Gaming was declared this spring. Organizations created a joint CS: GO lineup. The team earned $55,000 prize money in several competitions. They also won World Cyber Arena 2017.

Current lineup of Flash Gaming:

  1. Summer
  2. Attacker
  4. Freeman
  5. zhokiNg

Golden joins Cloud9

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Maikil ‘Golden‘ Selim officially became part of American e-sports organization Cloud9. At ELEAGUE CS: GO Premier 2018 Championship, the player performed as stand-in. At the moment there is no information whether Golden will became the leader of the team.

In July, FNS left the squad to force managers to put STYKO in the main roster. Later tarik moved to MiBR. His position in ELEAGUE Premier 2018 immediately been took by Golden. Cloud9 got 7-8 places in this standings.

Press service of Cloud9 has not yet reported whether STYKO will remain in team. Recently DeKay informed the public about Cloud9’s intentions to extend the players’ contracts until the completion of FACEIT Major – London 2018. According to analysts, the team will present a permanent roster in the near future.

Current Cloud9’s lineup:

  1. Skadoodle
  2. autimatic
  3. RUSH
  4. Golden
  5. STYKO

Pride Gaming restructured main roster

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Pride Gaming lost their last members of the main game roster. Players Tomasz ‘ToM223‘ Richter and Maciek ‘Luz‘ Bugaj left the team. Special report appeared on the official website of the e-sports organization. Initially, ToM223 and Luz represented the youth roster of Pride Gaming along with three other teammates.

Luz‘ is with Pride since the winter of last year. First year he played for the youth roster, but after transferring morelz to the bench, the player got a place in the first team. ToM223 represents Pride Gaming since September 2017.

In the spring of 2018, MINISE and reatz moved to Team Kinguin. General roster managed to take 12th place in ESEA Season 27 Premier Division tournament. According to the contract, ToM223 and Luz will play for Pride on ESEA MDL Season 28 Relegation.

Pride Gaming’s youth lineup:

  1. splawik
  2. Zorineq
  3. SAYN
  4. GRZES1X
  5. Miki z Afryki

NRG Esports – winners of IEM Shanghai 2018

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NRG Esports took first place in Intel Extreme Masters Season XIII Shanghai Championship. In the Grand Final the American CS:GO squad outplayed TyLoo. In the first stage of playoffs NRG managed to beat the strongest opponent like Gambit Esports. The Kazakhstan team lost to NRG with a score of 2-0.

Second semi-final match vs TyLoo ended with a victory of the Chinese (2-0). At the qualifying stage, NRG and fulfilled top of Group A. Group B was headed by TyLoo and Gambit Esports.

IEM Shanghai 2018 Championship scheduled for August 1-6 in China at the arena of Shanghai New International Expo Center. Total prize pool of the event is $250,000.

Prize pool distribution:

  1. NRG Esports – $125k
  2. TyLoo – $50k
  3. Gambit Esports – $22k
  4. – $22k
  5. HellRaisers – $10k
  6. B.O.O.T-dream [S] cape – $10k
  7. 5POWER – $5.5k
  8. Grayhound Gaming – $5.5k

ForZe are champions of BravoBet Cup 2018

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ForZe team outplayed Winstrike Team with a confident score 2-0 in the final standoff of BravoBet Cup 2018. The team managed to complete the competition without a defeat and win a prize of $ 4,500. At the semi-final stage ForZe beat PLINK, and Winstrike Team beat pro100. Both fights ended with a score of 2-0.

Matches of the group stage happened within GSL system. First matches were held in Bo1 format, the rest of them in Bo3. To the final stage 4 squads came. ForZe and Winstrike managed to take leadership in groups.

BravoBet Cup 2018 competition scheduled from July 20 to August 5 in online mode. Total prize pool of the event is $8,000. First place in the tournament went to forZe with a prize of $4,500, Winstrike Team took second place with prize $1,750, PLINK and pro100 took $875 for the third and fourth places.

DreamHack Open Montreal 2018 dropped regional qualifiers

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Organizers of DreamHack Open Montreal 2018 officially announced that all participants will be accepted according to the system of preliminary invitations. Championship will go within qualifying stages of Europe and America. Reason for changing the structure is hard tournament schedule.

DreamHack Open Montreal 2018 will happen nearly ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018 and DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018. There is also partial intersection with FACEIT Major – London 2018. While one part of the players on vacation and the other one prepares for upcoming competitions, organizers of DreamHack Open Montreal 2018 eliminated the regional qualifiers. At the moment there is no information about who exactly intend to be invited for the event.

General phase of DreamHack Open Montreal 2018 is scheduled for September 7-9 at the Canadian e-sports arena of Olympic Stadium. Fight for the prize pool of $100,000 is scheduled for 8 professional teams. Winner of last year’s race is North, who outplayed Immortals 2-0.

Snatchie as part of Morelz retired

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Polish e-sports organization signed Michał ‘snatchie‘ Rudzki within a direct agreement with AGO Esports. Player will replace Piotr ‘morelz’ Taterka, who went to the bench. Information about this appeared on the official website of The transfer will take place on August 6th.

Snatchie started his CS:GO career in 2012. First official lineup that singed him up is iNET koxXx. Snatchie also represented AGO Esports team in 2017. In WESG 2017 and StarSeries i-League Season 5 championships, the player managed to take 5-8 places. He is also won Play2Live Cryptomasters. AGO Esports participated Europe Minor Championship – London 2018 and showed decent gaming quality.’s lineup for the upcoming tournament FACEIT Major – London 2018:

  1. Filip ‘NEO‘ Kubski
  2. Jarosław ‘pashaBiceps‘ Jarząbkowski
  3. Paweł ‘byali‘ Bieliński
  4. Michał ‘MICHU‘ Müller
  5. Michał ‘snatchie‘ Rudzki

Swag and MarkE to play for Swole Patrol - Free Image HostingE-sports organization Swole Patrol signed up players Braxton ‘swag‘ Pirce and Edgar ‘MarKE’ Jimenez. New teammates will play on the positions of SileNt and LILMAN, who left the team due to personal circumstances. Announcement of the rotation in the lineup appeared in the official Twitter-page of the team.

On May-July 2018 Swag and MarkE were playing as part of the famous mix of FYB, which they created after Torqued was restructured. The debut match of the new roster of Swole Patrol happened at StarSeries i-League Season 6. Swole Patrol faced NRG Esports and lost to them with a score of 2-0 despite replacements during the game. As a result, NRG reached the finals of qualification.

Current lineup of Swole Patrol:

  1. Braxton ‘swag‘ Pierce
  2. Ryan ‘freakazoid’ Abadir
  3. Edgar ‘MarKE’ Jimenez
  4. Jordan ‘Zellsis’ Montemurro
  5. Austin ‘Cooper-‘ Abadir